Chance me for 7 year dental programs

Hi everyone!
I’m an international student in 12th grade currently navigating the university application process (sigh) and from shadowing experiences, I’m fairly confident dentistry is what I want to pursue beyond my undergraduate years. I’ve been increasingly looking into accelerated programs but the competitiveness of the programs stress me out. I’ve looked extensively into past accepted stats but the information I can find is extremely limited :frowning: Based on my stats, how strong of a candidate am I for these schools?

SAT: 1550

GPA: 3.99 UW (our school doesn’t weigh GPA so not sure about weighted. I’ve had a B once in 9th grade. 10th, 11th, and 12th so far have been solid As.)

APs: 4 in junior, 5 in senior (our school doesn’t allow APs in 10th grade)

  • Bio (5), Cal BC (5), Comp Sci A (5), Eng Lang (3)

ECs: 30+ hours of shadowing, 1 research paper written at a university program, NHS, several community service leadership positions

I’m interested in applying to the following 7 year programs:

  • UoP
  • UDM
  • Nova
  • Temple
  • Wooster + CWRU
  • Toledo + CWRU
  • Lehigh + UPenn
  • Villanova + UPenn
  • NYU + NYU
  • Adelphi + NYU

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

In my opinion, you are a competitive applicant but that doesn’t mean guaranteed admission.

Can you fully fund these programs for seven years?

And what is your plan once you get your dental degree?

Hey, thank you very much for your response.
As to your first question, assuming you meant to say “fund”, these programs are definitely very costly (especially the dental school part of the program). It’s a very valid concern we’ve looked into. At the moment, we don’t think the expenses pose an extremely serious barrier.

Should I successfully finish my dental degree, I hope to follow dad’s footsteps and pursue a career in dentistry at his clinic.

Um, this is a huge barrier. Where will you get the funding???
You’re an international student and you won’t qualify for the large US federal loans that a number of dental students use to fund their dental school educations.
Plus, you’ve chosen some really expensive undergrad targets. Your parents are fully funding these?

You’re definitely correct that international students qualify for very few scholarships and as a result, the costs will be significantly higher. However, we are for the most part aware of how expensive a 7 year tuition at these schools are and we are fortunate enough to be able to cover the costs!

CWRU dental school expenses will be $500,000 alone, plus undergrad 3 years at $52K for each year. Your parents have this much money available for your schooling?


Did your dentist dad train in the United States? Are there dental programs in your country?

Hi, I’m also an international student attending a 3+4 program at Temple. I think your stats are great enough to be considered a competitive candidate at the programs. Although you probably submitted all your applications, you can ask me additional questions if you want. I once walked a similar path to yours and I think my experiences can be of help.

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