Chance me for BS/DDS program


I am trying to figure out if I should even opt for any bs/dds program based on my current credentials. I am not sure what the acceptance rates are or if it is even worth it for me to consider applying to bs/dds bridge programs or if should I be taking a regular science undergraduate degree route and maybe apply after taking DAT.

GPA: UW = 3.7 W = 4.17
SAT: 1430
AP: Biology and History, plan to take AP Chemistry in 12th grade
ECs: community service and HOSA

I thank you all for the support and advice.

Hello- dentist here- unfortunately I’m not terribly familiar with the combined programs. My gut reaction (which is not worth much) is that it may be worth a shot but your stats are worth considering you as a candidate but not in the topmost outstanding category. There is such a small pool applying to these programs I just don’t think there is a lot of data out there on past applicants.

If you are sure that you want dentistry, then you have nothing to lose by applying. I think different programs have different requirements but if you are looking at an accelerated program with guaranteed dental school admission why not try? If you’re not sure dentistry is for you then I would recommend going the traditional college route and then applying senior year of college for entering dental school after college (which is what I did). Dental school admissions have gotten more competitive in recent years but I don’t think it’s reached the bloodbath that is medical school admissions.


Thank you so much for your response. I agree, I am set on my goal of becoming a dentist. I was wondering if maybe these programs save some effort or time if you get in one of these after high school.

Moreover, is there a list of the top 20 or top 10 pre-dental programs in the US? I searched google but found a lot of variation and could not conclude. Hopefully, someone can share their opinion on top pre-dental programs in the US.

Thanks again.

I don’t think you will find a list of “pre-dental” programs in the US because there are very few if any pre-dental programs. You can just major in whatever you would like. Dental schools have some prerequisites which can vary by dental school but usually include a year of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. There may be math or other requirements (for example one school I applied to required biochemistry). If you are a science major, it’s easier to get the dental school prerequisites done, but majoring in art/literature/sociology will not impact your dental school admission.

Dental schools are primarily concerned with GPA’s and DAT scores. I think where you went to school matters less than your numbers. You should look for a school where you will be happy and succeed. The better the fit, the better your academic performance will be which will better prepare you for dental school admissions.


Thank you so much for the advice. This is exactly the kind of guidance I was seeking on this forum.

Thanks again

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Hi, while there are no actual “pre dental” programs, there are quite a few BS/DDS programs that conditionally accept students from high school, like UPitt GAP, Case Western, Lehigh/UPenn, Muhlenberg/UPenn, Stony Brook, UConn, NYU, Marquette.
Your credentials look pretty good so far but for the rest of your Junior year and Senior year, I’d suggest building up an even stronger and more competitive profile. You can still sit for a couple more SATs, if you can get it to closer to 1500, that will make you a much stronger candidate, especially if you’re interested in the more competitive schools. Find ways to strengthen your exposure to dentistry, do some shadowing, research etc. you should be able to demonstrate a commitment to dentistry through a variety of activities.

My daughter is currently in the 8 yr Pitt GAP Dental program. I believe Pitt GAP is one of the few programs, or the only one that doesn’t require the DAT, but they do require students to maintain a higher GPA (3.75) than many other schools.
In high school, on top of other activities, she shadowed a couple of dentists, did dental research through a hospital program and volunteered at a community dental clinic for low income families.
Her wGPA was 4.7
SAT : 1520
ACT : 35
A few AP courses with 4 and 5s.

If you’re really sure about dentistry, definitely try out a few BS/DDS programs, most people in these programs do find that they take off a bit of stress than going the usual route.


I applied to 7-8 bs/dds programs when I was a highschool senior. Right now, I’m a D1 at kornberg school of dentistry after finishing my 3rd year of undergrad. My very honest opinion is that bs/dds programs are really not that hard to get into. It’s just that not a lot of people look into it. (so you are ahead just knowing about the bs/dds programs) The programs I applied to back in 2019 were nyu+nyu, adelphi+nyu, udm+udm, temple+temple, lehigh+upenn, upenn+upenn, muhlenberg+upenn, and uop 5 year. I got into nyu/nyu, temple/temple, uop, and udm. Ultimately, I chose temple because of scholarships. These days, there are less and less accelerated dental programs, but if you are set on being a dentist, these programs are great. And it never hurts to try applying. Good luck.