Chance me for T20s focused in Business

Looking for input on my chances at top business programs. Thinking of ED Vanderbilt even tho they don’t have a business program I am interested in their HOD major. Stats are not the best but I feel I have pretty strong ECs. Wondering about my chances of admission to a pretty good business school

Hispanic (Cuban) and Jewish
US domestic
Semi-competitive high school
Hispanic Male
Parents both went to UF, Sister went to Duke, and Brother is currently at Vanderbilt (i don’t know if this matters)

Intended Major(s)

3.75 unweighted

4.82 Weighted

30 ACT :frowning: (thinking of retaking and sending an updated score)

class rank

Completed 22 AP/IB/AICE/Dual enrollment classes including senior year

IB diploma candidate

Taken 4 Dual Enrollment classes

AP tests aren’t very good (4 on bio and a couple 3s)

AP scholar

FBLA sports and entertainment management first place winner (state level)

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel Industry Certification

Eagle Scout

Dencheif for cub scout pack

BBYO (leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement):
regional president (pretty significant if colleges know what this is) elected by peers, in charge of region with 1,200 teens
regional VP of programming
regional VP of retention and reeducation

DECA Founder and President

Varsity Golf (4 years) (basically captain but will talk to my coach abt putting it on resume)

NHS member + Model UN member

FBLA State first place winner

Founder and CEO of my own LLC Delray Soles (sneaker reselling business)

Eagle project in my local community (volunteer experience)

Not amazing but pretty good
Discusses being Cuban and eagle scout (better than this sounds lol)

No cost constraint (however would only go out of state for a better school than UF)


Duke (EA)
UT Austin (EA)
Vanderbilt (ED)
Wash U


Strong Possibilities:
Tulane (EA)
Wisconsin (EA)

Sure Admits:
Indiana (Kelly)

I encourage you to pare down your reaches. Applying to eighteen schools requires a lot of effort, and will require many supplemental essays. Have you written a lot of those essays already?

How are UF and FSU sure admits?

I’m not applying to all listed, those are just some I’m interested in. And I don’t end think I’m applying to FSU bc I’m a gator at heart but I’m pretty confident in my admission to UF tho sure admit is probably not what it falls under

And I have started writing some of the supplementals but it is a lot of work

Congratulations on being a competitive applicant but for the schools that require test scores, prep, prep, prep.

You will be full pay at UCLA which is around $67K/year so make sure this affordable.

UCLA is test blind and does not consider Race/Ethnicity nor sex in their admission review.

You need to calculate all 3 UC GPA’s using only 10-11th a-g course grades. No weighting for OOS Honors classes. Only AP/IB and DE UC transferable classes taken 10-11th will get the extra Honors points in the calculation.

Have you taken a year of a Visual/Performing Arts courses which is a UC requirement?

UCLA stats:

Academic Performance

GPA statistics for admitted freshman students

GPA Median Middle 25% - 75%
Fully Weighted UC GPA 4.54 4.35-4.72
Unweighted UC GPA 4.00 3.94-4.00

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I think you get into IU and UCF.

UF is possible as is FSU but neither is a lock. Wisconsin is possible but not a lock.

I’d be surprised at any other school.

And not all are direct admit business.

You need a few mid range or lower level - like a U of SC unless you are ok with IU or UCF and there’s nothing wrong with either.

Good luck.

@Bradlikessports04 if this is your real name, please change it.


Does The University of Texas at Austin have early action? We do not offer early action . However, we do offer a priority deadline for our U.S. freshman applicants

So far as I can tell, Duke doesn’t over early action either…just early decision.

You need to check these college websites to see what kinds of applications they accept.