Chance me for University of St. andrews?

I’m applying to study English… I got a 690 on the literature subject test, a 5 on AP lang and my gpa is 4.03, at the end of the year i’ll have taken 8 APS I haven’t taken the Lit exam yet and my SAT subject tests for November were cancelled which hopefully they’ll be understanding about…but i only got a 1320 which is the minimum SAT score… and I don’t have time to retake…

What are your other AP subjects & scores?

My son applied late to St. Andrews (Dec 31, 2020) for financial economics and management with a backup application for International business. Has anybody applied to these programs? Wondering the difficulty of getting into these? He’s an American student who applied through the common app; excellent SATs (1550; 780 math, 770 verbal) on his only attempt, but due to the pandemic he didn’t take any subject tests. His GPA is his Achilles heal, 3.50 unweighted, but he did take the hardest High School schedule he could; a lot of honors/AP classes. He’s young (just turned 17) and his grades weren’t good Freshman year but are close to a 4.0 Junior and Senior year. ECs are very good though I’m not sure St. Andrews looks at these all that much. A little worried for him, do you think with his SATs his chances are good? St. Andrews requested a PDF printout of his SAT scores, shortly after he applied, which may be a good sign? He was accepted into Trinity (Dublin) about a week after applying, which is nice as he really likes Trinity too. We’ve talked to the North East Recruiter, Thomas, a few times, so he knows my son. Thanks.

The SAT is very good. English schools like AP scores so I assume you submitted those? If not, so send them ASAP as long as the scores are strong (5s). I think he has an excellent shot.

UK unis in general will only consider AP results and either ACT or SAT scores, that’s all. St Andrews can be a little more lenient as they do accept so many US students but on the whole ECs and GPA are only relevant to the subject that is chosen for university study. So, in your son’s case, a lot will depend on the AP subjects & grades for the exam (not the in class grade). If he has 5s for math or Econ related subjects, combined with his 700+ SAT score, all is well.
Out of curiosity, you said he has international business as a backup - that is not offered at St Andrews at undergrad. It is only offered as post grad.
Good luck to him

@Jm6844, it’s not good form to hijack somebody else’s thread- and there is a good St Andrews thread going, where you are more likely to find others who applied to the same course: