chance me for USC, Berkley, Stanford, Uni of Chicago, CalTech and Northwestern in CS!

I am a junior from Delhi, India. I aim to pursue CS + maybe business or econ minor

Academic: Grade 10: 87%

-House Captain, Student Council
-Director, Student Business Program
-Co-founder, an online literary mag (we have reached 10 countries in 4 months by far)
-Wix designer at 2 student-run organization
-Have been published in two poetry anthologies (train river)
-GirlsWhoCode alum
-Amity University summer school Alum
-Currently developing a forum for high school internships

Let me know if I have any chance at these unis so it’d be amazing if you could suggest some too.

I also won at regional and zonal level in a national science fair.

How much can you afford?