Chance me!! Hkust

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I'm an international student studying in Malaysia, but a citizen of South Korea. </p>

<p>I wasn't sure which scores I should use for my HKUST application, my IB or my SAT scores. </p>

<p>I want to study Global Business and I wasn't sure which one would give me the better chances. </p>

<p>Does HKUST do score choice? Because I would really benefit from score choice.
With score choice, my SAT scores would be 2210: CR: 690, M:800 WR:720
But in a single line, it is 2120: CR: 600, M:800 WR: 720</p>

<p>My IB predicted IB scores, as I know so far are:
Math SL: 7
Bus & Man HL: 7
Biology HL: 6
Mand. SL: 7
Chem HL: 7
Eng. SL: 6
With 2 bonus points. </p>

<p>The toal is 42. </p>

<p>Please help me! I'm not sure which one I should use!</p>

<p>Good chance. why not apply US schools?</p>

<p>Send both scores! They're both very good... not sure about the admission rates and requirements for international students at HKUST but if you were a local ESF/international school student you'd stand a good chance imo :)</p>

<p>Since you have great scores in both, I suggest you first register an account according to your high school type (i suppose it's an IB school), then in your applicant's data, you can choose to report your SAT scores. That's gonna work it.</p>

<p>Yeah same as bei22000, why not consider US schools...</p>

<p>@zenith123 Your scores look super solid! In this case, I would follow newepisode's suggestion with giving them the score that relates the school system that your high school system follows (IB or SATs). I would imagine that you would be most likely given the opportunity for an interview. The interview is a major component of the selection process! Good luck!</p>

<p>hey Anyone here , knows how do you manage Hostels after 2 years ..cause HKUST does guarantee hostel for 2 years only for undergraduate international students</p>