Chance Me - Monash University Australia

Hi, I am planning to apply to Monash University Australia for Engineering. I am a US citizen but currently, I go to school in India. I plan on applying through the common app.

My stats:
SAT - 1230 composite, (580 EBRW & 650 Math)
ACT - 26 composite, (English 23, Reading 24, Math 27, Science 29)
My GPA - 3.8

I Have done many projects in robotics and science.
I Have been the IT team lead for various different events.
Graphic Designer and Social Media Promoter for various events.
Created websites and other promotional material for different events.
Created the E-voting system for my school’s student body election.
I have made different applications in various programming languages.
Video Editor for many short films and promotional videos.
Content creator on YouTube.
I have made several soundtracks and EDM for clients.
Short forward for School’s basketball team.

Won gold, silver and Bronze medals in Math, Science & Computer science olympiads.
Won best direction award for a short film at an international Filmfare festival.
National finalist for a computer coding competition.

Can someone chance me to see if I have a chance of getting in?

It is very easy for one to be admitted to Monash. Acceptance rate is 80%+ for international students. The quality of education is rubbish though; I suggest you look into going to your state college.