Chance me plz! (International Applicant)

Hi, I’m an international applicant(rising senior) studying in Hongkong. I’m a female and I’m planning to apply for CS major or information systems major. Here is my profile:

GPA: It’s IB school so my predicted grade would be 42-43 at 45 scale

Math, physics are two of my HL studies.

Standardized tests:
ACT highest composite 31, super score 34 (planning to retake in September, but I think it wouldn’t change much)
SAT II: Math II 750 Physics 750 (planning to retake in October)


  1. Service Project
  • Founding member and second generation leader of a club that tries to solve a social issue with technology - we created an educational kit for children in the Philippines and did crowdfunding to send them. (still continuing the connection. We also visited the school that we helped as well.)
  • Led another crowdfunding project(succeeded) for a nearby orphanage. I enjoy drawing, so I produced some badges and stickers for crowdfunding purpose.
  1. Robotics Team Contributed as a programmer for 3 years - participated in FTC competitions
  2. MUN School MUN team captain for 2 years. served as chair, deputy secretary general, and secretary general. Award for Best Delegate
  3. Sports - played soccer for 5 years
  4. Leadership --> Elected as a member of Student Council --> Led my own council for service area

My family background is middle-upper class. My university list is:

Reach- UPenn, Northwestern, UChicago, Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley, CMU

Match- USC, Emory, UIUC

Safety- Purdue, U of W, UT at Austin

I’m currently working on my Common App essay and please recommend some other schools that I can include in my list! I’m also looking for safety schools that can provide me with scholarships or financial aids as well :slight_smile:

ACT score is low for UCB since they do not superscore. What is your exact breakdown for your ACT scores? Financially are you ok with being Full pay?
UT Austin not a safety unless you are an auto admit Texas resident and USC is not a Match school more like a Reach. You have good EC’s but it will be tough for all schools unless you are full pay.
Safety schools would be schools in your home country especially if you are in need of FA.

How much can you pay each year?

To break down my ACT score,

June: E-35, M-34, R-29, S-26 (C 31)
April: E-28, M-35, R-31, S - 27 (C 30)
June (last year): E-24, M-28, R-32, S-32 (C 29)

If I super score them, I get 35 35 32 32 = 34

→ I’m even thinking of taking SAT in October instead of subject tests because I found that my ACT science score fluctuates too much.

Financially, I’m ok with full pay but obviously, it would be better if I can get even a partial financial aid. My plan is to apply reach-match schools without FA and safety schools with FA. I admit that UT Austin is not a safe option … I should search more about my safety schools…

You have no safeties on your list. Purdue is very competitive for CS and typically state schools favor instate residents so the admissions stats can be misleading for OOS or international students. State schools generally tend to be very limited with aid as well so you should not count on seeing $ for those schools.

Definitely spend more time researching true match and safety schools.

Agree, you have no true safety schools on your list.

yep … I should search more about safety schools. I’m also nominated for UNC scholarship program - Morehead Cain - and if I apply to this scholarship program, I cannot apply for EDs. So I’m trying to decide between Morehead Cain + EA schools and ED. Any advice about applying strategy?