Chance me urichmond 2025

I am thinking about applying to Richmond ed II. I have a 92.5 weighted and 90.5 unweighted gpa. I have taken 1 honors course and 2 AP (would have taken more honors and AP classes but for major health reasons I was unable to and this is listed in my additional info). My school does not rank. AP classes are only offered junior and senior year and you can only take 3 per year. My gpa should go up when this semester ends especially with the weight of the AP and honors classes and I have all A’s in my classes right now. Not entirely sure about my major yet but will either apply as undecided or psychology.

Strong ECs:

  • captain of soccer team
  • captain of gymnastics team
  • 300+ hours of community service
  • national honors society
  • varsity soccer team all 4 years
  • various clubs

essays and recommendations: personally, I feel they are very strong as well as my recommendations.