Chances for L'ville, Peddie, George School

Grade applying for: 9
ORM, Mid-atlantic region
applying for financial aid as a day student
currently attends private PK-8 school
Grades: all A’s/A+ (just finished 7th grade). Took Algebra 1 this year and will be taking geometry next year.
90%- Math
95% - Reading
93% - Verbal

Regional Recognition Award from USA Fencing
qualified for national fencing competitions
School Fencing team

private saxophone lessons in performance and theory
All-State Jazz Band
School Jazz band
jazz summer workshops

Community Service:
Scouts BSA
Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Club
making lunches for local food pantry

Other clubs/programs:
Coding/LEGO League Robotics clubs and camps
Lawrenceville Summer Scholar

We are also looking for other boarding schools that may be a good match!

Rising senior at Lawrenceville here, your profile looks better than mine was back in the day (I also got into Peddie and George). Good luck!

If you’re looking for other boarding schools that might be a good match, would you mind sharing what you think you want in a school? That’ll help us give you some pointers.

By the way, if you have any questions about Lville, feel free to ask!

To be clear to users advising, you should have stated that you are (I assume) a parent asking about their child, since you are asking about a boy and 3 years ago you were asking about a girl.

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yes, you can sort of see the similar extracurriculars haha

I mean imo you have good chances….

There is no reason you would not be accepted to any of those 3. They are all a bit different in terms of vibe, and part of this may come down to what each school’s needs are. I would guess that the service you have done will be appealing to George.