Chapman vs LMU for Theatre

As College decisions come to a close, I’m extremely torn on which of my top two schools to attend. I was accepted to both Chapman and LMU as a Theatre BA Major. I’ve heard great things about the program at loyola Marymount, however I haven’t really heard/read much about Chapman’s theatre major.

Therefore, I was hoping to gather some insight about Chapman or even LMU’s programs to help me learn more about each of the programs (specifically Chapman) and ultimately make a decision on where I’ll be attending in the fall. :slight_smile:

Can or have you visited both ? Or can you talk to a student ambassador?

If you have concerns with Chapman then get them answered.

Yes, I have visited both and really liked the atmosphere of both of them (granted it was during a school break, so no students were on campus).

Regarding Chapman, I was just looking to see if anyone had first hand experience attending the school in that specific Major and whether they enjoyed it or not. Due to the fact I haven’t seen that many forum posts regarding just the general Theatre BA major :slight_smile: