ChemE/EnvironE activity ideas?

I am 17 years old, and I am currently a community college student who hopes to transfer to NCSU after receiving my associates in science and engineering. The intended major I plan to apply with is either chemical engineering or environmental, and I would like to add a microbiology double major as well if admitted. Anyway, I am having trouble finding clubs and activities I enjoy and want to join, as there’s not a lot of things going on where I live. I did FIRST robotics during my senior year of high school and was in charge of social media and apart of the chairman’s team. Currently, I am a new member of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, and I am also a member of SWE. However, due to the virus, I haven’t been able to partake in any of the activities as much as I’d like, so now I am trying to find a productive way to put my interests to use! Any suggestions for things I can do that can help with admission to NCSU as well as give me an outlet for my interests in terms of Engineering?