[Chinese Medicine Major]What are my chances for HKBU, CUHK, and HKU?

Hello all,

I am simply curious about your predictions, especially for HKU. This is because I have reached above the lowest admission scores for SAT applicants. The source of information is this link: https://aal.hku.hk/sites/default/files/Admissions%20Standards%202019_190923.pdf. Hence, I am applying to HKU simply to try my luck.

No stellar stats and background info, but here they go:

SAT 1: 1370 (16 points essay, 670 English, 700 Maths), 1380 (670 English, 710 Maths), 1410 (630 English, 780 Maths)

SAT 2:
Maths level 2: 620
Maths level 1: 640
Physics: 560

TOEFL: 82, 104

I am an international applicant, and my high-school-cumulative GPA is 3.448/4, weighted or unweighted I am unsure. I think I have an IB certificate, because I took an IB Mandarin exam, but am very unsure as well.

Extracurricular activities:

-Taipei VEX robotics competition two years, grade 9-10
-Model United Nations, grade 11
-Cross-country team one season, grade 12
-Made a wooden bookshelf for a middle-school counselor with two friends, grade 12

I will write personal statement for all three universities.

Give your predictions of success in percentage, please.

Thank you for your time and expertise,

Just try your best. Standardised test results and GPA are just a part of the application. HKU seems to assess your application holistically.