Choate chances?

<p>Hey guys! Can u give me a honest opinion of my chances for getting into CRH? I'm a 9th grader applying for boarding school. Thanks :)
Biology honors - 93
AP Human Geography (Gifted/Talented) - 90
Spanish 2 - 91
Geometry Honors -88
English 1 Honors (Gifted/Talented) - 92
Latin 1 - 96
SSAT score: 82%
Honor Roll
I can speak 5 languages (English, Cantonese, mandarin, Latin and Spanish)
I play the piano (British Music Academy level 6, 8 years experience) and the viola (3rd chair, 5 years experience)
I can draw, paint and sculpt
I was a member of NJHS for 2 years (I'm too old now)
Community service: I helped pack lunches for the homeless and helped fundraise money for red cross to help with natural disasters and helped create care packages for soldiers in Iraq
I was awarded 3rd place in the greater Chicage area for a Chinese speaking contest
I have been awarded 5 division 1 awards and 4 division 1+ awards for music
I was awarded 1st place in my entire school for language arts and literature and received national recognition for outstanding academic achievement. Also placed 1st place in my entire grade for WordMasters, an analogy competition
I have also played golf for 5 years.
Thanks for reading all of this!</p>

<p>Of course, you've a got a good chance. I assure you the responses will consist mainly of "yea you got a good standing" and a bunch of maybes. I also know that sometimes a less qualified candidate is admitted in place of a better qualified one. What is your hook?</p>

<p>Probably my drawing, music or language skills. I'm also Asian (Chinese) so i don't know how that affects my application</p>

<p>With all due respect, being in Latin 1 doesn't mean you speak Latin. I'm in Latin 2, and I don't speak anything close to comprehensible fluency. Spanish 2, again, doesn't mean you speak the language. Just being realistic.</p>

<p>I don't mean to be rude...honestly. I just don't think that you can really "speak" the language after only a couple years of instruction :)</p>

<p>thanks for being honest :) and i can understand your standing about speaking latin.. you cant really talk to anybody in latin can you? and about the spanish, i feel like i can understand what people are saying when theyre speaking spanish, but i dont really know what to say back, so its just this huge awkward communication thing.. but really, thanks for being honest :)</p>

<p>Haha! No, speaking Latin is pretty's such an awkward language! And I totally get the understanding a language but not being able to speak it back...don't worry about it :)</p>

<p>thanks :) im just so nervous about if I'll get in and such etc. etc.</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>I'm applying too, very worried as well... good luck</p>

<p>ditto thanks :)</p>