City University of Hong Kong Scholarship

Is there anyone who plans to apply for City U this year/has applied for City U before?

Do you know if it is competitive to get a full-tuition scholarship at City U?
I will apply as a current undergrad student. My GPA for the first year is ~ 90/100.

I found on the website that the uni offers diversity grant for international students from underrepresented countries. Has anyone got this grant before?

Is there anyone who applies for B.A in Linguistics and Language Application this year?

Same here. I’m from an African country and I was hoping for a scholarship from CityU. Does anyone know how competitive it is? I’m applying with 38/42 Ib predicted and 1480 SAT.

I think you stand a good chance of getting the scholarship. Your SAT score is high. Anyways, which programme are you applying for?

I have applied there and still waiting for the decision letter. Did you get it?