Clarkson 2021

I noticed that there was no thread started yet for Clarkson 2021, so I figured I would make one so we could all post questions regarding Clarkson admissions here.

My son was accepted by snail mail on Thursday.
Merit and financial aid info comes out late Feb according to letter. My son applied for honors college and will play a sport if he chooses to go there. It’s a top contender. I liked that the school has good spirit, small town vibe, safe, decent campus, decent reputation and is not pretentious.
When we visited the kids seemed pretty happy and I liked the facilities and campus. The school has some interesting programs of study.

My D was just accepted in EE. We loved our visit and thought the school had a very warm welcoming feel which is important to D. We talked with a number of students and found them to be helpful, friendly, and funny. She enjoyed the chem class she sat in on – excellent prof. The only thing D does not like is Potsdam. If Clarkson comes through with nice merit, we’ll probably visit again since we didn’t actually spend any time in town on our last visit (hectic 7 schools in 6 days NE tour).

If anyone did spend time in Potsdam or knows the area I’d love to hear your thoughts.

this is kind of dumb, but how do we check our admissions decision online? i’ve looked through PeopleSoft but can’t find anything? I live overseas, so snail mail takes like two months to arrive and I really don’t want to wait that long lol

@kbn2015 They do not post decisions online. Mail only. Maybe you could call or email for a faster dec

My son was accepted, deferred on Honors though. Merit was decent but it will be a little bit of a stretch financially. And we really liked the school but Honors probably would help sell us that this is the right school. He has been accepted for Honors at other colleges. Too bad they take so few kids for the Honors. So hard to make a decision!

@snoozn As a student at Clarkson now, I fell in love with Potsdam. I’m from Boston so getting out of the city was one of my goals and Potsdam is a good balance between urban, suburban, and rural. I found Potsdam to be much more warm and welcoming in my college search. I also looked at RPI, Union, UofR, and RIT and thought all their locations were unappealing. Potsdam has so many places for students to eat right near the campus and has necessities like a pharmacy and Walmart near by. The campus is located right near the racquet river which I have gone for walks along many times now. And my favorite part of Potsdam is being near the Adirondacks. I hike and ski so being near mountains is much better than it was in Boston. With the ski club huge discount of season ski passes, I’ve been skiing every weekend! Potsdam may be a little scary or unappealing at first glance but it has really proven to be a warm, welcoming, and enjoyable place to me.