Clarkson Admission Decisions Class of 2025

Please provide your admission decisions in the same post with the stats:

of APs or Dual Credit

May the Decision be in your favor!

Clarkson decisions have gone out in the mail on Tuesday (first batch) with the final batch going out today! It will not show up on the portal, as they are old school and it comes in the mail. Good luck all!


My daughter just received her acceptance for Chemical Engineering in the mail today (1/21/21)! Now she needs to decide how far away from home she wants to be.

We live in central Massachusetts near the RI border.

Applied RD on 12/1/20
GPA 3.9
Test Optional - (5 attempts for SAT/ACT, all canceled due to Covid)

AP English Comp - 3
AP US History - 5
AP English Lit - in progress
4 yrs of honors science (not AP) - engineering, bio, chem, and physics
Math honors (not AP) through Trig/Calc

National Honor Society
National Art Honor Society
Marching band color guard captain
Karate student for 12 years - first-degree black belt, dojo leadership team, assistant teacher (unpaid volunteer)


Do you mind posting her stats (see initial post) @Hbw2019 ? This way, future years applicants can get a good idea of what it takes to get in. Also, did you get a scholarship offer at the same time for merit? Do you also mind stating what general part of the country you are in so we know how long notification is taking? Thanks and congrats to your daughter!

All fixed! Thanks for the reminder!

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9 APs (5 exams so far: 2 4’s and 3 5’s)
12 honors
Currently holding 2 jobs (both in STEM companies)
Volunteering (~60-75 hrs)
2 varsity sports
3 yrs of music
3 yrs of language
Couple Outside of School EC’s

OOS S got in!
SAT 1430
GPA 3.47 (very rigorous liberal arts schools with little opportunity to raise GPA)
3 APs
Calculus 2 & 3 at Colorado School of Mines
Varsity sport + snowboarding
2 jobs
Self taught instruments
Lots of summer academic programs, several where college credit were earned.

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Invitations to interview for the Honors Program are out.

Does anyone have insight into what the interviews are like? Are they done as a panel or one on one, etc.?

I would assume they’re one on one. From the email it seems like they’re with a professor/staff member and a current student. Haven’t done the interview yet though. Signed up for one next week.

My daughter’s interview is in about an hour. She’s a bit nervous, but I told her to do it anyway for the interview practice. My father and brother both went there which is part of the reason she applied, but she’s concerned about the distance from home in MA.

Does anyone know when Honors Program notifications will go out? I know there’s the event tonight.

Answering my own question. DS contacted his admissions counselor. She said that they mailed the decision yesterday and they will show up on the portal on Monday.