Class of 2023 - Admissions decisions - University of Tennessee

Anyone hear back yet? Post here…

State Residency:

Applied date:
Decision date:

How does TN notify you? Mail, email, VIP account?

ACT: 34
GPA: 4.2 / 4.0
Rank: 24/500
Extra: Club Med, Spanish Club, two separate mentoring programs, NHS, Student Council, lead teen at paid job, PKOM, Environmental Club, school and club soccer, tutoring
State Residency: Ohio
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male

Applied date: 8/28
Decision date: 9/17
Decision/College: Accepted / The College of Arts and Sciences

I received an email that told me to check my VIP account because my admissions decision had been updated. I then received an acceptance in the mail a week later!

ACT: 29
GPA: 3.3
Rank: N/A
State Residency: NY
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male

Applied date: 9/4
Decision date: 10/1
Decision/College: Accepted/Haslam College of Business

Received an email to check VIP, clicked on link and letter appeared, Congratulations! You’re a Vol!

SAT: 1160
GPA: 3.38
Rank: 134/250
State Residency: FL
Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Male
Decision date: 10/9
Decision/College: Accepted/ College of Arts and Sciences

Does anyone know how long after acceptance before you get an invite to apply to honors and any offers on merit scholarships? Thanks!

You should get a nice card that plays Rocky Top when you open it.

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Logging into the application status page today, there is a new addition. Instead of “Application Checklist” being the first thing you see, it now has a whole section starting with "Your Student ID, NetID, and NetID password are required to confirm your enrollment at UT! Follow the steps below to get what you need! Your Student ID and NetID can be found below. "

But no student ID or Net ID are shown.

No email or letter yet.

Called and they said to expect student ID and NetID to be generated within a few days.

So, it looks like when a student is admitted, they might see this change on their status page prior to getting a notification.

Daughter is dying to know if she was accepted to her desired major…

update on above:

The email arrived. Double checked the application status update again and the IDs were now there.

Logged in and see accepted into second choice major Kinesiology. (Hoping for direct admit Nursing) Will eagerly await letter to see if Nursing is an option.

SAT: 1200s (but waiting for October score to come in)
GPA: 4.1 (almost all AP (8) & honors)
Rank: Top third at award-winning very competitive high school where nearly everyone goes to college
Extra: Excellent. Internships, unique jobs, athletics, leadership, extra medicine related curriculum, lots of volunteering
State Residency: OOS
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

Applied date: 9/15/18
Decision date: 10/11/18
Decision/College: ACCEPTED / College of Education, Health, Human Sciences

and another update.

Letter appeared as pdf on status page and indicates:

“Your application to your first-choice major in The College of Nursing is currently under review within that department. Admission to The College of Nursing is extremely competitive, so their team reviews each application holistically—which can take extra time. Once they reach a decision, we will let you know”

Received acceptance today on Application Status page (still waiting on email)

ACT: 31
GPA: 3.3 (5 AP classes, 4 IB classes, 3 honors classes)
Rank: N/A
State Residency: GA but should get in state as son’s father lives in TN
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male

Applied date: 10/5
Decision date: 10/12
Decision/College: Accepted/Haslam College of Business

Note: My son had started the application on 9/4 and we ordered the transcripts and ACT scores back then. The essay and personal statement didn’t get finished until 10/5.

He is so excited as this is his first choice school. We were concerned because his GPA is on the low side but we think the rigor of his classes and the good ACT score helped get him in.

Has anyone heard anything about a merit scholarship or an invite to apply to honors college yet? When do those typically go out? Thanks!

I got an email last night from the admissions office saying my application is 75% done processing and told me the types of admissions there are.(Admitted, supplemental review, volunteer bridge, and denied)

Does this mean i will know if i was accepted soon? Did anyone else receive this?

My son did not get that email. However, we did have the ACT scores and transcripts sent into the school way before he finally submitted the application including the essay and personal statement. I would guess they are waiting on ACT/SAT scores and/or HS transcript. I would suggest checking the portal instead of waiting on an email. The email came about 4 days after the acceptance showed on the portal. Did you use Common App or the VOLS app?

ACT: 25
SAT: N/a
GPA: 3.7
Extra: Marching Band (4 years, and Drum Major for 2 years), HOSA (4 years, Officer for 4 years), Tri-M Music Honors Society, National Science Honors Society, National Honors Society, Part-Time Job
State Residency: North Carolina (OOS)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male

Applied date: All things submitted: 10/15
Decision date: 10/24
Decision/College: Accepted/ The College of Arts and Sciences

act: 34
gpa: 4.6
out of state

applied 9/22
accepted 10/18
accepted to nursing 10/24
volunteer scholarship, invited to apply for honors/scholars programs and additional scholarship application

Yes all of my supplies has been submitted since 10/16, the portal has had all checks for since then! just curious!

i used common app!

@hokusei Did your Volunteer scholarship and invite to honors/scholars come with your admission decision? My daughter meets the criteria, but has received no info yet on scholarship and honors/scholars app. She was accepted 10/5. Starting to lose interest…

@excitingtimes volunteer scholarship came with acceptance and honors/scholars invite came in a separate email the next day