Class of 2024 Admissions Decisions

I though I’d start a link. Please post your admissions decisions here, as well as your stats, application date, and admissions date

We received an email about a week ago confirming my child’s highest ACT score. Anyone else receive this email? I saw last year a few people posted about it, and receive admissions decisions about a week or so later.

Yes, we received that email, too, @Illinoismom23 . Eagerly waiting for admissions decisions here.

Yes, my daughter received that email @illinoismom23 and @ShrimpBurrito. I called admissions, and they said it is a mass email that they send out to make sure they have your scores before the Oct. 31 Early Action deadline. My other daughter is a freshman at UofSC, and she LOVES it! Go Gamecocks! Feel free to ask me any questions!

Thanks for starting this!! Very exciting! My DD from MA applied EA also. :slight_smile: Are admission decisions sent out via portal or mail?

My son did not receive an email. He self reported scores. Did you send official scores? Wondering if we should be concerned that he did not receive anything.

We sent official scores!

We sent official scores as well. But the application seems to only require self reporting.

Do they roll the admissions decisions? Maybe the email has to do with wen the application was submitted.

My S20 applied EA. He self-reported scores. He only received an email indicating they received his application, along with portal information.

My son looked back through old emails, and he did receive one confirming his highest self reported score. It came about 3 weeks after he submitted his application.

When do decisions typically start rolling out for early action applicants?

I think I read that decisions will come out in December

According to old posts in this forum, EA decisions typically start going out in mid-November.

S20 sent application on 10/13 so dont expect any notification. The portal shows self reported SAT which are accurate. Now we wait I think it will be late Nov. thru December,

My S20 also applied to Univ of SC for the early admission. I just checked and my D18 received her YES packet on Nov 3rd, 2017 back when she applied for EA. I believe 2 years ago, the deadline was Oct 15th. I think this year, we might see packets in mid-November because the EA deadline was just yesterday.

The EA deadline was October 15 this year too. They just give you until the 31st to report any new scores or credentials

Actually the EA deadline was Oct 20 this year. They extended it a few days due to technical issues with Common App.

I have also seen the prior year posts saying acceptances started going out mid-November. I wonder whether it may be a bit later this year since they started taking Common App for the first time this year. I’ve heard that tends to bring in a larger volume of applications. I hope it doesn’t cause a delay! Does anyone have any insight on that?

Hmm two years ago, my S18 got his before Halloween. It seems things may have shifted later this year.