Class of 2024

Starting an admissions thread for UB!
Applied 10/28
Accepted 11/15
Chemical engineering
1380 SAT, 101W GPA

Congratulations! Did you get an email telling you check your portal?

Congrats! Same question as person above…I submitted my application 10/8 and have not received anything.

Congratulations! I applied on the 10/22 and received my acceptance on 10/25. To answer the question above, I did get an email informing me that an update had been made to my applicant status page. When I opened the portal, there was a link that read “View Decision”. When I clicked on it, it showed me my acceptance letter.

@tucktuck17 @nt2502 ^^^

D applied 10/30 31 ACT 3.5 GPA weighted accepted 11/16 college of engineering computer science

Applied- 10/07
Major: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Lmao I was discussing in this thread today about getting the status update email and I got admitted today.

I am just so nervous and eager for getting a decision. I just hope maybe somehow I will hear something back later tonight. I applied on 10/29. This is my top school:)

D20 got her acceptance tonight. She is also in at the Honors College. Her first acceptance, so we are super excited! GPA 3.97UW, ACT 33.

My daughter received her email last night and was accepted. EA application, completed application on 10/31.

1430 SAT
99.58 GPA
4 APs (4,5,5,5)

Poli Sci Major

Good luck to all the applicants. We are waiting for the letter in the mail.

Accepted into Honors College 11/18
Applied 11/01
SAT/ACT - 1330/31
GPA - 94
Mostly honors and AP classes
College of arts and sciences

My daughter just got her acceptance.
33 ACT, 97.45 GPA

Biology Pre-Med

Hey guys
Anyone Else got his/her decision??
I applied 10/29 , my application is complete , but still nothing

I emailed them and they told me my application Ian under review and I will have a decision “soon”
What does this means?

Soon means in short order. Be patient, maybe your stats don’t measure up to those who have already received their decisions and they need to evaluate the rest of your application. if you applied EA you should hear back shortly.

Nnig03 — There are thousands of applications. “Soon” means you have you have to wait for a bit longer. There is wide range of acceptable stats for applicants. It takes the admissions committee time to get through them all. Good luck!

I applied Early Action and submiited my application 10/29 and I haven’t heard anything back but some people at my school have already heard back and got accepted yesterday.

These decisions come in waves. Don’t stress about it.

Accepted for biomedical science! 3.3W 32ACT

I was wondering if you received the notification today ? Thanks