Class of 2025 thread

Have there really been no posts about CofC since May?? This is high on my DS’s list, esp Honors College. He is OOS and applied Early Action.

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It is high on my son’s list too and he just got in! I am disappointed that there aren’t any posts either!!

My D literally just texted me that she got an email to check her portal for a decision. She was accepted! We are OOS.

So are we! Ohio. You?

i applied EA, and haven’t gotten an update to my portal yet.

For those who were accepted- did you apply Early Decision, Early Action or Regular? Did you apply to the Honors College as well?

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Daughter applied EA and was accepted to the Honors College. We are OOS. Applied with SAT scores.

Out of state, accepted to Honors weekend, but only a $12K scholarship. U of SC just came out - it’s “at least” $85K over four years. Maybe if you go to the Honors weekend you can get more. My daughter loved the school. It’s pedigree and stats (ACT, graduation rate) aren’t up to snuff - but she just felt welcome.

She has a 3.9 UW, 4.56W, 32 ACT, and 9 AP + a dual enrollment. If anyone knows if there are more $ to come potentially, let me know.

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Congrats! Does that mean she was invited to the scholarship weekend? Do we know if all those invites happened today?

Also did anybody apply to Honors College without submitting standardized test scores?

Daughter accepted, OOS, $12,000 scholarship. She is very excited!

Were you informed of the scholarships and financial aid through the portal or did you receive it in a letter in the mail?

My daughter’s was included in her admission letter in the portal.

If don’t mind my asking but was it a merit scholarship or was it specific to her major? I’m just wondering if there was a scholarship application I should have completed.

It was a merit scholarship, it says in recognition of your academic achievements in the letter. It looks like there is also a supplemental scholarship application available in her portal as well. Do you see that?

Check the portal, acceptance and merit were listed in acceptance letter.
Good luck!

She was - they have two versions - in person and Zoom. They are the same in status - it’s just the first 50 who go get to go in person. Given covid, i’m sure they could move the entire thing online. It’s cool to get invited to a weekend and my daughter is jazzed - but some schools pay :slight_smile: it’s good - but not that good!!! But she loves Charleston. I read last year people got up to $19.5K so admittedly I expected more $$ - but it’s still an honor to get something and be included in their special weekend.

The initial scholarships were merit as others have said. However, as many schools have, there is a separate application for other scholarships - five I believe and my daughter said each had an essay - business, Jewish Studies, Sustainability - maybe a few more. She said they have several portals - the admissions, the school, and the scholarship - so you might have to navigate to different places IT wise to find it.

I would say if the workload is manageable (essays, etc.) it could be worth doing. My daughter qualified for $24K auto merit at Alabama but filled out their scholarship app (she said it was quick and easy). She just got another $4K. Of course, she wants the C of C - not the cheap option :slight_smile:

My son applied EA and to the Honors College and still has no news. His application was submitted very close to the deadline and also test optional (he did not submit standardized test scores since he never got to take SAT) so I wonder if that impacted it. i’m pretty confident of his admission to the college, less so of Honors which is what he really wants. Wondering if all Honors weekend invites have gone out (website says they will hear by the 18th).

congrats! I am wondering if all the invites came out on the 17th (I am guessing so). We see several admissions for OOS already but silence so far here. I know honors kids may not hear til later if they don’t get the scholarship invite, but I wonder if they at least tell them if they were admitted.