Clemson Honors College Admission - Class of 2027

Anyone else anxiously awaiting Honors College decisions? They are supposed to be released by February 1. At this point I am assuming they will release on Feb 1 at the end of the day.


Wondering what time today decisions will be out. I think EA decisions went out at 6:00 pm so maybe will be 6:00 pm today.

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Maybe late afternoon or evening time so they don’t get bombarded with calls afterwards.

I figure they hit the button to send the emails and then run lol.

Any ideas about how many they take into honors?

I think I remember seeing 350-400

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Decisions come out today?

Yes, they are supposed to be released today.

There out

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My daughter was accepted to the Honors College!


My son got in. In-state computer science. Good luck to everyone!


My daughter got in. Business major

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My S23 accepted to Honors College. Do most Honors students live in the dorm option specific to Honors students?