Clemson just added Early Action for Fall 2023 freshman application

The EA deadline is October 15 and they will notify by December 1. In prior years they notified by February (except for high stats kids that were notified earlier). It will be nice for students to hear back earlier than prior years.


Applicants should treat 10/15 as the application deadline, because of the possibility that the school’s admission class or popular majors may fill up in the EA round, leaving little or no space in the RD round.


I can see one road this might take. More schools could do this. Earlier and earlier. Eventually offering HS juniors early admission.

Also a revenue generator. More kids might apply to get that early acceptance somewhere out of the way.

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Does anyone know what time EA decisions will come out? I know it’s Dec 1.
Asking for a friend…


Don’t know, as this is the first year they have offered EA, but probably late afternoon. UGA released theirs at 4 PM a couple of weeks ago. I checked the Instagram page for clues but nothing was said.

They said evening

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I just noticed in the portal that the option to change the first and second choice majors disappeared and a box appeared that said Application Plan: Early Action. Did anyone notice any other portal changes?

My daughters shows the same


Did it always say Starting in Clemson: in Fall 2023?




No email yet. I know one at my HS got accepted a couple of weeks ago.

How is everyone feeling about early action coming out later today? My son is OOS, and my best guess is that he will be deferred. Strong stats, but not in the highest range. And he applied to a very popular program. We’ll see… Fingers crossed for all who applied and are waiting…

Am I reading correctly that some students have already received an acceptance? I thought they all go out at the same time.

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Someone posted International acceptance was out.

My daughter applied for Nursing. Based on what happened at UGA with an unprecedented number of applicants, I have a feeling that there is going to be a much higher than normal amount of deferrals. This college process is going to be a long process, I’m afraid.

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My son applied Nursing as well. I have tried to prepare him best case is probably a deferral. So much for trying to do EA and know where you are going before the new year


Thank you!

Daughter applied nursing as well. In years past, some nursing applicants were accepted for their second choice major and told nursing decision pending until Feb. I am hoping for this best case scenario. Good luck to everyone!

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The EA stats for UGA were very high this year!


OK… Classmate applied to Clemson early action and Alabama early action and got in to Alabama a couple of weeks ago. She will find out today with the rest of us. We are OOS.