CLU Admission for Fall 2018

Thought I would start a thread to see if anyone has received a decision. DD applied for Early Decision.

My DD was accepted today for EA with a Regents Scholarship.

@Blessedmother how much is the Reagents scholarship valued at?

I got accepted today for EA with a 24k Founders Scolarship!

My DD was accepted today as well…EA with a Scholarship!

Regents is 25k

Ah well 1k difference!

Anyone know when acceptance packages will arrive in the mail?

Got an invite to Honors Day today. Anyone else?

My DD also received the invite to Honors Day.

I got accepted with a 25 K regents scholarship. I also got invited to honors day. I believe anyone that was offered a scholarship got invited to honors day.

Just registered for Honors Day. Clicked the link to register through Eventbrite at 4:01pm PST and saw that there were 25 spaces remaining for each of the two dates. I refreshed the page after completing my registration 5 minutes later and saw that there were now only 8 spots left for February 16th. Yikes I didn’t realize space would be that limited!

Same. I went to register and it was already full. I had to go on the waste. Luckily I got off the waiting list pretty quick. I think it might have been because I wasn’t staying on campus though.

Yep. I wonder how many students will be attending Honors Day each day.

When I signed up for Honors Day (I was there refreshing when it opened at 4pm PST), it showed that there were 60 spots for each day, so a total of 120 students are allowed spots to visit.