Coca-Cola Scholarship 2017-2018 Semifinalists

@ballin2022 Up to you. I sent mine to Harvard SCEA. IMO, it can’t hurt.

@jswani Did you do that through their portal or send them an email?

@ballin2022 Through the portal. I just downloaded the email as a PDF and uploaded it.

Does anybody know when the semifinalist application opens? I got notification from Coca-Cola and a confirmation email asking for legal status. Did any of you find access to an application or is that not released yet??

@beast2718 Semifinal application is already open and has been since the day they released results (Nov 16th). My semifinal email had a link to the semifinal portal; check your email for this as well. If it’s not there, try contacting them. It might have something to do with you needing to confirm legal status?

Coca-Cola posted the full semifinalist list online. If you haven’t gotten an email, you can confirm your name there.

Thank you. See the list.

I just got notified. I’m in! Congrats to all of the other semi-finalists and best of luck!

I’m a semifinalist too! For the professional recommendation, do you think I could ask a director of a summer program?

Got a semifinalist notif this afternoon. Congrats all!

@jjoojjoo Depends… What was the summer program? If it’s service/community based, I’d say yes. If it’s academic/school-related, I’d say no.

I had to dig through my spam folder to find my “Congrats” email… Honestly I found out on the website link which lists all of the semifinalists by state

Also, does anyone know how to notify schools about it? I went onto the portal for the only school I’ve applied to thus far (lol) and I just submitted a screenshot but I don’t know if that’s good enough?

ALSO is anyone having any issues filling out Form A? I can’t find a link to work on it? Do I send it in or?

Thank you all for any responses! Congrats again!!!

Apparently, the grey areas have to be filled in by email to Coca Cola.

Actually, I found it. If anyone else has this issue, it’s on the green bar on the top of the page… I’m just okay ya. thanks!

Use the biggest person you possibly can for your rec.

Exec director of a nonprofit, congressperson, etc.

@CourtneyThurston Really? Do they not care about how personal it is? What if I got, say, my Governor?

Received a postcard in the mail today saying I am a SemiFinalist! Apparently the email came Nov 14 and went to Spam - I had no idea. WOW! Excited!