Coca-Cola Scholarship 2017-2018 Semifinalists

Hey everyone! Just got the notification that I was selected as a semifinalist for the Coca-Cola Scholarship! I was pretty surprised because I thought the notification came much later in November.

I figured we could use a thread to talk about the application process as we go through it.

P.S. My semifinal notification was in my spam, so check there if you don’t see it.

Congrats! Mine was in my spam folder too… and I agree, I thought we would find out much later.

@makmn Have you started the application yet? I find it strange that no test scores are required… Or maybe that’s not so strange after all!

How many semifinalists were chosen? Also, congrats to all the other semifinalists!

The page I saw said we were “2000 of nearly 150,000 applicants” chosen. So somewhere around there I assume.

Got my notification yesterday! Also, test scores are required for the next round - your counselor will have to submit them in the secondary school report (only SAT/ACT tho)

Son got the regret to inform you email today. Congrats to everyone that moved along in the process!

No email notification either way…did everyone get notified yesterday?

@daisddog2 I believe everyone should have received an email by now. I’d try calling their main line if you can’t find anything.

just found out that I was a semifinalist! I didn’t know they came out so early, and for a second I thought I hadn’t gotten an email… but it was in my spam folder, per usual

@jswani Thank you sooo much I was about to call then I started to look for a spam foler which was hidden. I have never seen the spam folder (as I thought the other “promotion” etc folders were “spam”. I would have never known to check in the spam folder that had been hidden!

@daisddog2 same for me! gmail got me!

Didn’t get the GSM scholarship but I got my CC notification yesterday! I’m so happy!

Who are you all using for your professional recommendation? I’m unsure on that one.

My DD was so pleasantly surprised! Congrats to you all!!

Are they releasing results by region or has every semifinalist gotten the notification? I haven’t gotten any information yet (no rejection, no confirmation).

@Anonymous1418 All semifinal results have been released. Check your spam.

Huh I checked everything and I didn’t get an email.

@Anonymous1418 Try calling their main line. I know they’ve had trouble with emails before so they should be able to help you.

Is this worth sending an update to a school I’ve already applied to?