Cognitive Science at Brown?

Hi! I’m '21 in high school and i’m applying to Brown ED this year. i know that i will get to explore many options with the open curriculum, but i’m particularly interested in cognitive science and probably would declare this as a concentration. if this is your concentration or you have taken classes in the department before, i would love to hear about your experience!!

Brown has an extremely strong neuroscience department, if you’re interested in how Psychology intersects with Neuroscience. The Brown thread on CC tends to have alums or First-Years (like me,) rather than upperclassmen so I would highly recommend scheduling a chat with a current student via the Admissions website:

The departmental websites are extremely helpful if you’re interested in learning more about the courses in the concentration. You can view course descriptions at Courses @ Brown, which is what we use for course registration (the Critical Review has course reviews, but unfortunately can only be accessed once you receive a Brown account if admitted.)


Hope that helps!