Colby RD 2024

Starting a new thread for Colby RD 2024. Visited it with son and loved it.

Does anyone know when to expect the RD 2024 decisions?

Called the office today and they were super vague about it. They just said Apr. 1 and hope it’s before lollll

I emailed the admissions office at Colby a couple of days ago, and they responded to me that they hoped the decisions would be out this Friday, March 13 by 5 PM. Hoping that’s the case

Hi! I applied to Colby and I’m hoping for a good result! Does anyone know how much they value demonstrated interest? I never got to visit and I didn’t do the “optional conversation with a student” so I don’t know how that may impact my chances. I hope decisions do indeed come out tomorrow! Good luck everyone

Maybe it’ll be soon! Bates is Saturday. Bowdoin Friday.

I applied for an interview in early January and finally was contacted about one two weeks ago. I spoke to an alum over the phone just about a week and a half ago. Do you think this means anything given its proximity to the decision release date?

I don’t know. I know my son had a Tulane interview (finally-not his fault) the day before the EA decisions came in. He was deferred. I’m sure the interviewer never got the info to them on time. I guess what I’m trying to say is Tulane didn’t care how close the interview was to the decision date. Not sure how Colby works, though.

@cookiedough39 I didn’t know there was an optional conversation with a student? Did they email you? I didn’t even know you could interview. Everywhere I read said Cobly didn’t do interviews. Wondering if they only contacted some students… My son never said a thing about either. Oh well, there goes Colby probably.

I got offered the interview and signed up but nobody contacted me probably due to availability in my state.

We live in Maine about 45 minutes from Colby college, and my daughter applied Regular decision. She was not contacted about doing any sort of alumni interview either Good luck to everyone today. The admissions office told me that decisions would be out by 5 PM today

Today??? Wow that’ll be 4 possible rejections in the span of 18 hours. YIkes! Trying to think positive. Good luck everyone.

@Miggyd77 That happened to my son with Pomona. He signed up twice. Never heard back.

AHAHAH this is hilarious! Guys, I have ZERROOOOO chance of getting in like I’m 100% sure.

@honestlyidek Neither does my kid. But, keep hope alive!!

My daughter is too nervous to even check her email :frowning: Can someone please post in here when decisions are out? Good luck to all ???

@Miggyd77 @Charlie2772 That’s what happened with my daughter too: Got the e-mail, signed up, and then never heard back. Oh well!

Best of luck to all!

so is colby coming out in 2 hrs

The past few years it has come out at 3 PM, so a few more minutes I guess!

Someone said it would be at 5