Colby RD Admissions

I didn’t see a thread for Colby RD - Class of 2025 so I’m starting this one. Anyone have any idea when they’ll release this year? Last year it looks they released on Friday, 3/20/20? Maybe it’ll be Friday, 3/19/21 this year?

Hey! There actually is a Colby thread already! Just look up Colby 2025! It has a question mark next to it :slight_smile:

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And it’s hard to know the exact date. They say by April 1, so all that is guaranteed is sometime on or before then!

I thought that was just about the Colby email asking for additional info - didn’t realize that was “the” Colby thread. Thanks!

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No problem!

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Discussion is happening over at this thread: Colby Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision Date: Mid-March

See you there!