Colgate RD 2024

Couldn’t find any threads for this, so I thought I’d start one. Hope you all are surviving this month of waiting!! Two questions:

  1. Any idea when admission decisions are being released?
  2. Has anyone received an idoc request?

I heard decisions will be posted 3/21 at 1:13pm. No request for idoc, but not applying for financial aid.

Yep. I can confirm, having gotten it straight from an admissions dean at Colgate, the results will be declared the morning of Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Has anyone been receiving emails about the different learning communities? I was wondering if that was an indication that my daughter was admitted.

I think they add all applicants to the mailing list.


I’m not sure how confident I feel. Wonder if someone could help out.

I have a 3.68UW and 4.42W bc I’ve taken 15APs and 8 honors classes.
34 ACT.
Pretty decent ECs: Varsity soccer captain; head of project where I coded an app for farmers; intern for a hospital; volunteer at financially struggling library; some other stuff

Essays were pretty decent as well I thought. does my low UW gpa ruin my chances?


SAT: 1420
GPA: 3.5 uw, 4.1 weighted (out of 4)
12 AP classes, 4/5 scores

  • visited and thought these were the best essay submittals


I was rejected in spite of 800 in Math section of Sat, 800 in Math II, 780 in Chemistry, 770 in Physics(All first attempt).
Perfect GPA.
7 years of student government.
Best C++ programmer in the country in Google Kickstarter and Hackerrank. (Won various national level awards)
Partnered with the biggest multi billion dollar bank in the region to develop an app that helps thousands of people in poverty.
Interned as Data analyst for a multi billion dollar MNC.
Two times winner of International Mathematics Olympiad, Regional round.
Representing the country at an international level for quizzing.
3 sports varsity.
4 amazing recommendations.

Just one drawback - International student requesting for 100% need based financial aid.

Guess somethings aren’t meant to be. Anyways congrats to everyone who has been accepted. All the best for your future :slight_smile:

DD accepted as Alumni Memorial Scholar

D waitlisted, 1410 SAT, 4.1 unweighted and 4.8 weighted. From CT

Accepted! Full IB student with 3.8 UW/4.3 W GPA and 33 ACT. I’m a little surprised because I need full aid. Congrats to all others who were accepted!

sat: 1520
gpa: 4.01 uw and 4.91 weighted

Accepted!!! I am sooo happy
31 ACT
94 UW average
Decent amount of EC
My sister goes there and I had a really good Why Colgate essay so I think that helped
Did not request aid

My son was accepted! Similar profile as @Lilymelrose: 31 ACT and a 97 average, 3-sport athlete (not a star but a contributor), a few other ECs. Also not eligible for need-based aid.

He’s still waiting for a handful of decisions, and has a $25k merit offer from Trinity. But Colgate is definitely a favorite.


3.8 GPA UW (full IB student with 40 predicted)
Decent EC
1480 SAT
I assume a terrible Why Colgate Essay, as I got rejected
No aid
Hate liberal arts schools, UCSD Class of 2024 here we come

Congrats to everyone who got accepted though


4.2 GPA - idk unweighted
2 AP junior year, 4 AP senior year
34 ACT
3 subject tests Math IIC-780, Chem-800, Bio M-770
A lot of extracurriculars (no sports)
Pretty decent essay I think


33 ACT, EC’s w’ leadership positions and major community service projects. Great LOR’s, good grades at rigorous private school. We have no hooks and did not visit Colgate. D did spend close to two days pouring over its website before writing her essays.

Additional acceptances from Barnard and Colby.

Congrats to all!