College of Charleston EA notifications class of 2024

Starting a new thread for non-honors college EA at CofC. Anyone have any news please post here.

Still have not heard back.

When I visited a few weeks ago I spoke to some students working in the admissions office who said they found out a few days before Christmas. I’m assuming it is different this year since I have not heard of anyone receiving admissions decisions yet. Good luck to everyone!

@alehma2493 There have been a few that have heard. There’s an honors interview weekend in Feb (I think) and I guess they want to give them time to make travel arrangements. My D has not heard yet, and I think most won’t hear until mid January.

My daughter received her acceptance via email on 12/17. We are in-state.

@TheNextChapter, was she an honors applicant? I wasn’t aware of any regular EA applicants having heard yet. Or maybe just not any out of state? Fingers crossed for good news for my son and everyone else!

@l2kids, she was a regular EA applicant. Good luck to your son!

Not sure where else to post this, but I applied EA a couple months ago (non-honors) and just realized my computer must have glitched out and the wrong race/ethnicities are checked on my application. I emailed admissions about it and they never responded. I’m running out of time until my decision comes out and don’t want it to look like I am lying. Does anyone know how to go about fixing this?

I also did this. They emailed me back and said they had corrected it, but it is still wrong on my application.

@graciemae516 @vryzzz I also had this and emailed the admissions office and my admissions officer and got no response after a few days so I called and they told me that it was a glitch in their computer system

Has anyone who applied EA gotten a decision yet?
College of Charleston is the only school I’m still waiting to hear from.
Thanks and good luck to all:)

Anyone hear yet???

DS20 waiting patiently. Hoping to hear this week potentially.

I was on instagram and found some in-state people that did EA regular and found out late december

I think decisions are supposed to be out Wednesday!! I actually logged in to see if anyone knew what time.

@vryzzz I think those EAs that found found out already were invited to the Honors College interview weekend. Or are you indicating non honors college applicants found out?

the girl i talked to said she didn’t do honors

DD applied EA. We emailed admissions last Thursday to ask if decision were posted on the portal or mailed. She said to be on the lookout in the portal between then and the 15th, however, nothing has been posted in the portal as of this morning.

I was reading earlier years on this website and it came out the night of the 15th so i’d expect the same time for this year

Good luck to everyone waiting! DS is a freshman at CofC and can’t tell you enough how much he (and we) love that school!