College of Charleston Honors College Interview Weekend C/O 2024

Hey guys, I was invited to the interview weekend for Charleston’s class of 2024 and I was just wondering what to expect and learn more about it. Thanks! Also, I’m pretty new to this site so forgive me if I don’t know how to work it haha.

It is a two day process. You will tour the school and the department of your proposed major. You will meet with an interview committee of faculty and students. You will stay on campuses overnight Friday with a Honors student host. There has been a writing component in the past. Good luck.

@carolinamom2boys Do you know if/how we should prepare for the writing component? What exactly would we be writing about?

Does anyone know what the schedule looks like for parents? I am also concerned about the writing portion since my ds is dyslexic and writing by had without typing is difficult.