College of Wooster VS Marist College! Help me decide!!

When I applied, I think I aimed a little too high and ended up being rejected and waitlisted at many schools which sucks a lot.
I got into 5 schools out of 11
Marist college and college of wooster appeal to me the most to be honest. I got into the Dublin Freshmen Experience and I really like the environment at Marist, students seem much more happy, plus the location is really nice
College of Wooster is ranked higher, it has more emphasis on research and they have a good independent study program in senior year. I don’t really like the location (Ohio) and I’ve read many negative opinions on it and the student body doesn’t seem too friendly.

Marist college seems to have a lot of resources but it’s unknown even in NY. The academics don’t seem challenging and fashion is popular there but I’m planning to major in cs or maybe biology, something more science related and I want to be prepared for graduate school. Where College of Wooster seems rigorous.
It’s important to note that I’m an international student so I can’t really visit and see for myself.

I would think for your interests that Wooster is a much better choice.

It sounds like you have visited as you have opinions on the friendliness of the students. I was surprised to see that you found Wooster unfriendly. Can you elaborate on that?

I’m posting this thread because this is absolutely didn’t come from a personal experience. I’ve mentioned that I’m an international student but I’ve been to the states and I lived 2 years in NY and visited Ohio maybe twice that’s why I said I liked and didn’t like the location. But didn’t visit any school at all.

I talked to current students from both schools. Not even one student complained about the friendliness at Marist. Some students at Wooster told me that the overall atmosphere is kinda depressing

Are you familiar with Wooster? A student or a parent maybe?

I have a friend whose child recently graduated and had a great experience but I am not super close to the school. It has a very good reputation in the academic community.

It’s always hard to judge a school’s vibe when you can’t visit. If you haven’t done it yet, I would ask about the friendliness of the students on the Wooster board and the academic rigor on the Marist one since those seem to be the concerns.

@poilons , just connected with an international student there through a friend. She says she loves the "friendly environment ". FWIW, she plays a sport. And again, only one person’s POV.