Colleges with a decrease in applications

Does anyone know if there is
a list of schools where the number of applications has decreased due to Covid as opposed to the top tier universities seeing an increase in applications.

I don’t know of such a list. The early May NACAC list of schools (with availability for Fall 2021) will probably have over 500 schools that had a low number of applications or misjudged yield. Many will be less selective small private schools, but there will be a number of excellent schools, both private and public.


Yes, the NACAC list is very useful. Sometimes colleges misjudge yield for a variety reasons, not just because they had fewer applicants. Especially this year, when COVID has wreaked havoc on admissions. I think the list will be bigger this year.

Regional or commuter-heavy non-flagship state universities* are likely places to look for colleges where application volume fell. These tend to have higher attendance by students from low SES families which were hit hardest by both COVID-19 and the economic effects of COVID-19.

*For example, most California State University campuses.

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