Connecticut College Class of 2024

Hey Everyone! I was thinking of applying to Conn RD this fall. Anyone else planning on applying ED or RD?

Just submitted my RD app! ED to Middlebury though

My daughter applied RD. Really liked her visit there.

Does anyone have an idea when decisions usually come back for RD.

^^ Late March. Look in this forum at the thread from previous years, and you’ll see the decision dates. I see 3/24 for one of the last few years.

did ed2, where you from, International?

Did anyone get the request to switch to ED2? Do you think it is much of an advantage for admission?

Did you get an email requesting that? I don’t think my son got that.

I got the same mail. I’m really so hesitant to take that decision especially after getting the rejection from Sewanee today. I’m an international student…

My son did get the email, but we don’t want anything binding

To all, note that it’s not binding when asking for financial aid.

Really? I’ve never heard of non binding early decision. I’ll take a look

All ED is that way; if the FA is insufficient, you say thanks but no thanks and apply elsewhere.

When do we think decisions are coming out for RD?

@philippians probably on or around March 21st

Funny, I keep seeing the same screen names for the colleges for son applied to. Good luck everyone!

An email I received today said that decisions will be out on the 21st at 10 AM. Getting close!

Does anyone know if the financial aid info comes out with the decision letter or no?

hey! does anyone know about merit scholarships at conn college? i am hoping to get merit aid- I have a 34 ACT (all one sitting), 97 GPA UW, 10 APs by senior year, competitive HS (no class rank). thanks so much!

@Rockportlove76 Here’s some information about them that was on their website: hope this helps!