considering ED, chances?

<p>I'm a white female from a public school in Seattle. My ACT composite was a 30, with a 35 on the English section. I have an unweighted GPA of 3.71, and take almost exclusively IB classes. I'm the varsity tennis captain, student body vice president, and have had a job all through high school. How are my chances if I were to apply early decision?</p>

<p>Great ACT and GPA, and good ECs. As a Bates student myself, they look for more than just GPA and test scores, you need interview if you haven't already, that would significantly improve your chances and you need to write an awesome, unique essay. Otherwise you seem like a good candidate. Also it helps your from Seattle too. One more thing, ED would definitely benefit you rather than doing regular decision, the acceptance rate is higher for ED.</p>

<p>thanks!! I am planning to visit Bates in October for a tour/interview so hopefully that will help.</p>