Cornell class of 2024 Transfer Option

I just got my decision letter from Cornell’s CALS - and it’s a Transfer Option. So just to be clear, after I attend a year at another school, and I meet the requirement’s on Cornell’s Transfer Option website, am I GUARANTEED a spot at Cornell? Any other insight/info would be appreciated

I just got a TO and I don’t know if it’s guaranteed, it just doesn’t say. I’m so confused ?

I got this transfer option as well, did some research and found out it’s not guaranteed but as long as you keep up a 3.0 GPA at another school (that has transferable credits), the spot is yours.
I found a Reddit link, that talked about the CALS Transfer Option, (can’t link, but a quick google search will pop it up)

Does anyone know if you can get a guaranteed transfer from the waitlist?

Where can i find if i got a transfer option?

It says “…decided to extend you a Transfer Option to join Cornell after study at another institution” on your update letter, I believe

My daughter just received the TO from ILR. It is a guaranteed spot fall 2021 as long as the requirements are completed, at another college freshman year.

I got TO too! Don’t know if I should do it or not? Are there any stats about the Transfer Option?

Are there limited seats for TO (if TO applicants applied for a transfer, are all of them guaranteed an acceptance given that they meet the requirements? or does it work like regular decision admissions where even if you’re within range of stats, you may not be guaranteed admission?)

Hi all, also received the TO option for the College of Human Ecology! Trying to do research on it but a bit confused. Would we have to apply again under a simpler application??

yeah I saw a Reddit (I think???) post saying that the application is simpler. I also received TO from HumEc

Oh okay, that’s nice to hear!

bump this is a good qusetion

I think I saw on reddit that someone ended up getting the TO in June last year + they were originally on the waitlist :slight_smile:

hey! i got a to & plan to take it. its really rare to get it from waitlist, but it happens!

i got a to & am slightly confused - if i keep up and meet the requirements, do i have a guaranteed spot? the cals website makes it seem like its NOT guaranteed, but im not sure!!

I received the same Transfer Option to the ILR. I don’t completely understand and would like to talk to other people about it

Transfer option to CHE…sounds like it’s not guaranteed

Not sure I want to live my freshman year at another school, knowing and counting the days I will (maybe) leave.

Also I heard in the past some do get turned down.

I think I’d rather fully immerse myself in a college that wants me there all 4 years.

I was going through the FAQs for CALS TO and it says this: Q: If I don’t meet the requirements will my TO be invalid?

“Students that have not completed the Transfer Option requirements may still be considered for transfer admission but will be reviewed with the regular transfer applicants. The Selection Committee will evaluate each application on a case by case basis and take into account that the applicant was offered the Transfer Option.”

It seems like “valid” TO means the requirements were fulfilled and you are guaranteed acceptance but it’s still unclear lol

At the bottom of our decision letters, it says we could contact the college should we have any questions. Does anyone think this may pose an issue given coronavirus?