Cornell Transfer Fall 2021

freshman!! it’s been an interesting year


Anyone applying to ILR?


Is there fewer transfer applicants this year? this thread looks pretty quiet compared to last year’s.

Hope that’s the case haha… guess lots of people were taking gap year so less transfer

I was thinking the same. So far i’ve found only 2 SHA transfers. We’ll have to wait until they release the stats/reports after admission though.

hi yall! anyone apply to the college of human ecology?

Hey people, the Chat With Us function is now live on the portal. Feel free to ask your questions there as well. :slight_smile:

From a rep named Jennifer: Our transfer decisions are released on a rolling basis beginning at the end of April and going through the end of June. We are unable to provide an exact date as to when you can expect to receive your decision but our admissions committees are working hard to review completed applications to get decisions rendered.


Does the application portal still say mid April is when decisions will start being communicated? Wonder why the delta?

Which delta

The post where an admission officer tells Kenny decisions will start being communicated late April. I know it’s only two weeks but we are all anxious! :blush:

I’m waiting on Cornell and two other schools. I’m trying to distract myself with my classes but it’s like… EEEEEE, When?!! Lol

Is there any stats on how many students took a gap year? and why would there be more students taking gap year given that more people are vaccinated and that covid will be more controlled in this coming year? thanks!

If there are extra spots, will they admit more freshman applicants from the waitlist or more transfer applicants? Like which do they prefer? Or do they not compare transfer applicants with freshman applicants because we are in different years?

I think they r talking about last year
So gap year from 2020-2021

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Sophomore transfers will be greater than usual because not many people enrolled on 2024 class and took gap years

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Sophomore transfer means applying as freshman right?

Aren’t waitlisted students looking for freshmen spots while transfer applicants are looking for sophomore / junior spots?

Yes but I am wondering do admission officers look at the total number of students to see how many seats are left or do they look specifically at each year.