Cornell Transfer Option 2025

I just got waitlisted at Cornell and then received an email saying I had a transfer option available if I did not get enrolled this year. Is the transfer option guaranteed? And how likely is it that I’ll get off the waitlist if I have this transfer option?

Bro I’m waitlisted and I wish I had the transfer option… Can I indicate interest for it in my LOCI?

Which school did you apply to?

And it’s guaranteed if you have the average and fulfil all the requirements I heard. Or very high priority.

Yeah I’m planning to do that. I applied to the Dyson school so I’m not sure how much of a chance I have of getting off the waitlist since there’s only 200 spots :confused:

Ik people who go to Cornell and they usually spend their first year adjusting to college than really utilizing all the resources.

Even if you have to go next year, those 3 years will be amazing for you! I’d just commit to a school where you can save money rn haha or maybe in a city so you could those city opportunities :slight_smile:

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I emailed them about the transfer option two days ago though and they never responded (if I could write a LOCI about one).

I don’t want to be annoying and ask the same thing again :,)

oh shoot i emailed them yesterday and they got back to be today about the transfer option

i emailed the admissions office for my region, the dyson school, and the business school so one of them got back to me about it

200 spots of transfer options?

Does anyone know if CAS gives out TO?

oh sorry i didnt mean 200 spots for TOs i meant dyson’s incoming class only has 200 spots

Only the land grant schools give them out