Cornell Waitlist Class of 2025

Anyone have any new from SHA?

Alr big news I emailed CoE to see if they’ll use waitlist this is what I got a few minutes ago.

Dear xxxxx,

I appreciate your note and thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, we now know we are unable to make offers of admission to our remaining waitlisted students. Later today we will release final decisions to all waitlisted candidates.

I know this is not the news you were hoping to hear. Please know that we have appreciated your patience as this process unfolded. This has probably been a long few months for you and truly wish that we had more spaces to offer in our class so that we could accommodate some wonderful students who have remained interested in Cornell throughout April and May.

Very sincerely,


Sorry about the bad news, at least now we can move on : (((

(I think when the AO sent this email to me they’ve expected it to become public, so I guess it’s okay to share it) I’m very sorry for the news though, I know some of us might actually thought that we could’ve got in last week.

is there anything from humec?

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oh man! well, i guess that’s it for us engineering students! kind of hurts but good luck at your schools next year!!!

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let me know when you guys get the official email

sorry to hear about that engineering folks :frowning:

still haven’t heard anything from cals

i got the official denial!

" Earlier this spring, you asked us to keep… We now have a clear picture …unfortunately, we will not have a place in the class to offer you.

We appreciate your interest …

If, after a successful year or two elsewhere, you continue to believe that Cornell may be the right school for you, we hope you will consider applying to transfer here. Cornell enrolls between 600-700 transfer students each year, and you will find information for transfer applicants on our website:
In the meantime, my very best wishes for every success as you continue your education.

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this is for engineering, correct?

I’m just waiting for CALS to send me a rejection at this point…

Same here… :cry:

nothing from CALS

curious as to why cals hasn’t rejected anyone yet like the other schools… maybe they have spaces (I feel like cals is the only school left?) ?? idk just hope LOL. anyways I guess we wait until monday- have a good weekend everyone!

That’s quite unlikely. CALS has the highest yield historically among all the colleges, about double of CAS. They should be able to manage the enrollment a lot easier than others. They are just slow in process. My son is waiting for CALS too, but it seems that I am the only person in my family who is still paying attention to this waitlist thing :). Actually it’s good that my son is happy with the school he committed.


HumEc is left too.

I agree that CALS is being very slow to process. They’re still going through their fall transfer applications (according to the Fall Transfer 2025 thread) and I saw only one person in that thread saying they were admitted for the biometry & statistics major last week. My daughter is happy with her committed college so I also seem be the only one who gives a hoot about CALS. I don’t expect a positive outcome but I have to confess, there is a teeny little tiny hope, right?