Could there be a "spoiler" formatting option for posts?

Is there an option in your site code that just isn’t turned on, like “bold” or “italic”, that would let posters format part of their posts as spoilers (i.e. hide the text unless a reader clicks on it)? I know this isn’t primarily the kind of site that needs it, but there are some discussions of books/tv/movies in the Parent area that could benefit from that option. Additionally, it can also be useful to hide long text/pictures so a user can only display if it’s something they’re interested in. This seems to be a standard option on pretty much every forum I visit, and I wonder if the option is there but just not enabled.

Edited to add: What do you know!


Thank you cc_jon!




It’s hidden behind the gear and is cryptically called “Hide Details”:

You can change the tease from “Summary” to whatever you want by editing the markup:

[details="Title here!"]


Very helpful! Thanks Jon

Thank you!