Where are my old bookmarks?

I’m sorry but I’ve only been on CC for 3 years. My son is HS class of 2018. That was one of my bookmarks plus others that I enjoyed reading. Because they were my bookmarks I cannot remember what they were called.
When I have tried to search for them as no bookmarks have moved across from the old format nothing comes up. I type in HS class of 2018 and all manner of that and nothing can be found!
Why is it necessary to keep changing things? I have only been on for 3 years and this is already the second change.
I don’t want to leave the site but really you are pushing things to my limits.


I tried to link to some information I thought might help, but links don’t appear to be working.

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@Whistlingal they explained on another post that they will be importing over bookmarks, etc… in the next few days. For now, they are focusing on the most critical things to import.

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Read this post for more details.


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Thanks Lindagaf for the information. I’ll wait.
Though you pointing me in the direction of another post isn’t too helpful. Remember I am ‘lost and confused’ without my bookmarks. The new look doubled that confusion. Trying to then find a post about it was way beyond my technical skills.
Sorry to be such a luddite.

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My bookmarks are still lost. Was there ever an announcement that they were lost? Or is there a way to retrieve them?


Sorry @1stTimeThruMom I can’t help you as I am still waiting :thinking: I can’t even see if there is a bookmark option any more. Any thread I read or reply to does come up on them ‘unread’ heading across the top but that is not really helpful. I glance at a topic but am not so interested once I have read the OP but then am getting it brought up in my ‘unread’ column. Not really what I want.
Getting really fed up with all the changes. I change I would like is a back to the top button’ especially as conversations aren’t on pages anymore. So the top is an awfully long way away.
Just me griping again :rofl:

Thanks for replying. I’ll reach out to an admin to ask.

Well amazingly this morning when I opened up CC there was a ‘bookmark’ symbol where the symbol telling me something I didn’t want to know. Happy times :star_struck:
Whatever you did worked :wink:

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