Now what? Forum lists? Not!

Ok…this is what I’m getting instead of the forums! @CCAdminMike

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Can you try again now?

I just did and it’s fine. Now…

What was that all about?


I… uhhh… experimented with changing the default page from the categories to the latest posts. However, since that bug is still hanging around, you noticed it right away. Sorry about that! I’ll make sure that bug gets resolved before trying anything else.

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I am getting it, too. Log on, it looks normal, click on a thread to read, use the back arrow, and it’s not.

Please leave the forum categories as they are. Please.

And really…I’ve gotten used to latest posts.

Yup, this is the nasty, stinking bug, we’ve been chasing for a while. We’ll keep chasing!

You can always choose what you want to see as the default by setting your Preferences–>Interface:

If I don’t touch anything, Will it all stay the same as it is now??

I can’t guarantee it - we’re trying to help new users find the right places to find/post information, and many of them are confused by the category home page. If you’d like yours to stay the same, you should go in and set that setting I mention above.

That’s how it was set…so I saved it! Was that the thing I needed to do?

That’s it! If it for some reason changes in the future (it shouldn’t), feel free to use that to reset it back.

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What happened to bookmarks? It’s not a choice at top of page anymore.

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Bookmarks is gone?

I’m using an iPad. If I hit my avatar, a little bookmark is one of the icons that appears…and when I tap on that, my bookmarks are there.

My bookmarks are gone too! :cry:

Also did the font change?

My bookmarks gone as well! Arrrgh

Bookmarks link should be back now!

Yes! Thanks!

Now my unread tab is missing from the top of main page next to the latest tab. It does, however, show up in the drop down menu. Odd.