COVID-19 and international students' application! Is there any relationship?

It is unquestionable that COVID has had an economic and social impact on all countries. However, some nations have had worse conditions associated with the pandemic - due to a lack of proper health systems or even an absence of decent governmental action.

These facts are a little worrying when we think about foreign students’ chances of going to US colleges this year, once American Consulates are closed in several countries - thereby making it extremely hard to get US visas.

So, with all of that said, does anyone know if the COVID situation in specific countries will impact the chances of admissions for applicants from these regions?

I’m asking because I’m from Brazil, and the pandemic seems to keep getting worse by the day - as a product of our government’s inefficiency. Because I applied mainly to extremely competitive colleges, I’m afraid that I’ll be rejected by most of them given that it will be extremely hard for me to get a student visa.

Thanks for the answers!

I don’t think the schools will reject you because they don’t think you’ll be able to get a visa (and take another applicant from a ‘better’ country), but it is still very difficult for international students to get in, and you WILL have to get the visa. If the US consulates are not open in Brazil, you would either have to get it from another source (don’t even know if that’s possible) or delay starting school in the US until you can get that visa.

Visa applications are behind in many of the consulates and embassies. Not just student visas but adoption visas, spouse visas, relatives, employer sponsored visa - all stacked high and waiting to be processed.

Oh, it’s good to hear that I won’t be rejected for that. I’ve researched a little and it is still possible for me to get a visa in Panama - the only country that can provide one before August, if I’m not mistaken. However, I’ll consider differing my enrollment.

Thank you for answering!