CSULB waitlist Fall 2021

Did anyone else get waitlisted for FALL 2021 yesterday?
I literally sent my transcripts last night & accepted the waitlist to avoid getting dropped.
My GPA is 3.4 without the ADT bump - 3.5 with.
My major is Business- Accountancy
& I am transferring from ELAC.
I got accepted to CSULA & CSUDH earlier this month, just waiting on CSUF now.

I misreported a course on my supplemental application, a course that is on my transcripts but the course name changed and i wasnt aware so i said i had not taken it… and its a major prep course so looks like I wont be in this fall :frowning: counselor told me to fill out an appeal but… doubt it

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you got waitlisted though?
I did the supplemental application accurately but I think I was supposed to take Business calculus but I didn’t. I wonder if this is why I was waitlisted & maybe rejected later :confused: Did you apply elsewhere?

no, I was denied due to not having the major prep course, which I did but it changed names so I said no on the supplemental application :frowning:

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:frowning: that’s terrible i dont want to see u go to any of those schools :frowning: csuf is the best but its even not that good imo :frowning:

waitlisted 3.2 comp sci, prereqs all done except physics 1 done in spring 2021

Also waitlisted. Accepted the spot.
I didn’t see the request for transcripts. Is this something waitlisted students are supposed to do ?

Yes you’re supposed to turn in official transcripts before March 16,2021

Where else did you get accepted to?

I got accepted to Dominguez Hills & LA.
I am waiting on Fullerton but most likely if Long Beach doesn’t take me off the waitlist I will go to LA cause I went there for one year after high school. Heard it has a good business program which is what I want to do lol.

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No sdsu or fulerton? Surprised u didnt apply

@Gumbymom if my son is waitlisted at csulb, denied at SDSU and cal poly will he be redirected to another CSU while on the waitlist, or does he have to wait for csulb to deny admission? Those are the only 3 CSU’s he applied to.

Being on a waitlist is not an acceptance so his application should be redirected.

Thank you for all your help this last month. I appreciate your knowledge during this stressful process.

Thank you and best of luck to your son.

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Does anyone here know if csulb take letters of continued interest?

No they do not take LOCI’s. All you can do is opt into the waitlist, enroll in another school and wait for a decision.

Please read the following article. Although not specific for CSULB, it gives great information about the waitlist process. The Cal states are much more straight forward with admissions since they admit by major.

Is there somewhere we can see if they have received our transcripts? Because even before I got accepted to CSUN I was able to send official transcripts and I had a login to see what I needed to turn in and what transcripts they already received. I had to send one transcript through the mail and I want to make sure CSULB received it.

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