Csulb waitlist fall 2021

Did anyone else get waitlisted for FALL 2021 yesterday?
I literally sent my transcripts last night & accepted the waitlist to avoid getting dropped.
My GPA is 3.4 without the ADT bump - 3.5 with.
My major is Business- Accountancy
& I am transferring from ELAC.
I got accepted to CSULA & CSUDH earlier this month, just waiting on CSUF now.

I misreported a course on my supplemental application, a course that is on my transcripts but the course name changed and i wasnt aware so i said i had not taken it… and its a major prep course so looks like I wont be in this fall :frowning: counselor told me to fill out an appeal but… doubt it

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you got waitlisted though?
I did the supplemental application accurately but I think I was supposed to take Business calculus but I didn’t. I wonder if this is why I was waitlisted & maybe rejected later :confused: Did you apply elsewhere?

no, I was denied due to not having the major prep course, which I did but it changed names so I said no on the supplemental application :frowning:

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:frowning: that’s terrible i dont want to see u go to any of those schools :frowning: csuf is the best but its even not that good imo :frowning:

waitlisted 3.2 comp sci, prereqs all done except physics 1 done in spring 2021

Also waitlisted. Accepted the spot.
I didn’t see the request for transcripts. Is this something waitlisted students are supposed to do ?

Yes you’re supposed to turn in official transcripts before March 16,2021

Where else did you get accepted to?

I got accepted to Dominguez Hills & LA.
I am waiting on Fullerton but most likely if Long Beach doesn’t take me off the waitlist I will go to LA cause I went there for one year after high school. Heard it has a good business program which is what I want to do lol.

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No sdsu or fulerton? Surprised u didnt apply