CSULB waitlist Fall 2021

I think the place where you ordered the transcripts from should have sent you a notification.
Like when I sent my transcripts from ELAC to LB, Parchment sent me an email that they were received. Since I was waitlisted for CSULB, I don’t have a portal to see if they got them on there but I know they got them because I sent them at the same time I sent the ones for CSUF & on that portal it shows they got them. I would also call Admissions if you are still wondering.

Has anyone been admitted to CSULB from the waitlist btw? I think the latest (if admitted) would be in May right? and then by July get officially denied ? :frowning:


I receive this email saying : i’m writing to follow-up on your conditional offer of admission. Because you reported attending an institution that does not include Spring 2021 “work in progress” on official transcripts, additional documentation is required to confirm your admission. We request that you reply by the priority deadline of Friday, March 5, but no later than the document deadline of March 16. The sooner we receive this information, the sooner we can confirm your offer of admission to CSULB. The deadline for all requested documents is Tuesday, March 16. Do not delay in submitting your documents if you have not done so already!

We look forward to welcoming you to The Beach this Fall!

does it mean I will get off the waitlist?

Hi - Has anyone heard since May 1st if they have been cleared off the waitlist. My son is still waiting to hear. He did a check status today, but no updates. Wondering what the last day is for waitlist acceptance or denial.

from what I have read online, people who were on the waitlist got accepted around May 13 . and those who were rejected didn’t get the rejection till the end of july and beginning of August.
So I think we still need to wait about a week or so to find out if we will get off the waitlist.
I keep checking my portal :frowning:

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gl to all lol I got waitlisted but chose UC Berkeley so I withdrew my WL, hoping some of you get in!

Lets hope more people already accepted other colleges instead of CSULB. Still waiting.

Hi Magswags,

I, too, am on the CSULB Fall 2021 admission waiting list. I have yet to hear back also. Getting a little anxious.

Have you checked your portal?

nice! congratulations.
did you withdraw a freshman or a transfer spot ? lol

Hi floresdanielaa,

Negative. I forgot how. :confused:

Freshman spot

congrats kingcody. i’m a transfer and still no word. checked the portal and still pending. have a suspicion - didn’t get a spot due to overcrowded major. will keep cautiously optimistic - but we shall see.

what is your major?
I keep checking my portal & nothing either.
I am a transfer as well. Getting really anxious!

did you end up figuring out if you got off the waitlist?
I never got that email :confused: it sounds like you got in!

I’m a Communications transfer still waiting to hear back as well… I don’t think anyone has been offered a waitlist spot as far as I can tell so im still hoping for the best.

from what I see online, I don’t think so either.
Hopefully before June. Did you get accepted elsewhere?

Yeah I got into CSULA, UCI, and currently committed to CSUF but LB is my first choice

damn, UCI? That’s a good school too. I committed to CSULA & CSUF. But LB is for sure my first choice too. I just want to know if I’ll get off the waitlist already. It is taking too long.
what was your GPA?