CSULB waitlist Fall 2021

Yeah i was excited to hear about UCI but the tuition and program just didn’t really make sense for me to go personally. Im really anxious waiting to hear back about the waitlist too, feels like its taking forever. My GPA was honestly pretty low, i had a 4.0 but it dropped to a 3.2 during the application period (3.3 with the boost i believe?). By next week i should be above a 3.5 though and i did my transfer in one year so im hoping they’ll see that and take it into consideration

yeah hopefully they do. I didn’t apply to UC’s just cause of the commute or having to move.
the closest UC to me is UCLA but I don’t think I would have gotten in. My GPA isn’t that great.
We have almost the same GPA. I’m taking 5 classes right now too so not sure if they’ll see my updated GPA once I send in my final transcripts (if they even ask for them). I was checking other discussions online & it seemed like people got off the waitlist around this time. Maybe this year it’s taking longer than usual. I feel like calling admissions but I don’t know if they would have a definite answer.

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Totally get you! im taking 6 classes right now so im in the exact same boat. I called admissions last month and they said we should be updated by the end of april but obviously that was not true haha. Praying for both of us hopefully we get some good news soon

Have they admitted anyone off the waitlist yet? At all?

Nope:/ I’ve heard back from cal poly Pomona’s waitlist but not Long Beach. Last year their admission office was so unorganized with the waitlist everyone was really angry because it was already august and almost no one heard back

With housing on a “first come/first served” basis that would be tough!

Still no word - Film major. This waiting stinks.

Nothing. Marine Bio.

Nothing, kinesiology major

Theatre Major, still no answer

comm major, still nothing

psych major, still no news :frowning:

english major, still nothing :disappointed:

Any updates?

havent gotten anythin :skull::skull:… lowkey startin to get a lil frustrated

Me too smh… I called them and they said we should hear by the end of may but like tomorrow is June first ??


Hello all! I randomly checked the applicant self service portal today and actually got accepted which completely caught me off guard. I just went to see if they were revising my transcripts and my status changed to provisional acceptance. They said I would get an email with my account details but I am wondering what’s going on because I have yet to receive information on it. Its been 12 hours and I still have not received it I wonder if it is something i need to wait 24 hours to receive? To me it is very odd I have not received the acceptance email yet.

I should also add i am a film transfer

i just got off for computer science but declined it since i’m going to cpp. good luck yall!