CSULB waitlist Fall 2021

When did you get off the waitlist?

for real when?
Mine still says I am on the waitlist

same :disappointed:

same for me as well… still waiting “patiently”


still waiting… communications major

Has anyone asked if you should send in your final transcript? Because I am wondering if they need it to evaluate us.

june 4th 11:27 am!

Freshman or transfer?

So for anyone who wants to know, I called the admissions office and they told me that I won’t know about the decision until the first week of July.

Meaning they are not admitting from the waitlist until July? Are you entering as a freshman or transfer?


oh same here for my son… CSULB just notified him today he got off from the waitlist (pre-computer science). He’s all set to go to CPP (also CS major), so he’ll decline CSULB. He said he already declined CSULB back in April, not sure why he still got off the waitlist.

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Anyone off the waitlist recently?

Is it over? Do we give up?

Meaning they aren’t admitting anyone else from the waitlist until July or your application specifically? Ready to give up at this point

I personally gave up already. I’m all set for Fullerton because even if we get off the waitlist right now I am sure all classes are full by now. Oh well. CSULB wait list sucks. They should not have it if they can’t admit people at a timely manner.

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Son got accepted off the waitlist today! Was notified by email this morning.

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Daughter accepted off waitlist today as well. She’ll decline.

May I ask, majors? GPAs? Are you local to the area?