CSULB waitlist Fall 2021

I got off the waitlist for long beach today. Gonna withdraw Fullerton to Long Beach

Undeclared, gpa 3.9, in state but not local

Congrats! I know she declined but I think it’s quite a feat to be accepted if not local.

Hi Guys I also just got off the waitlist today! Don’t give up hope AHAHA i’m still waiting on slo, ucsd, and sdsu and now i feel like we actually have a chance considering long beach let me know super late but i still got in!

well ucsd just closed :cry:

Freshman or transfer? GPA? Major?

Has anyone heard anything one way or another?

I just spoke to the admissions office via phone; I was told that I should expect to hear back from them by July 15th.

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Thanks. I spoke with Housing earlier and there is a waitlist for housing as of now. So, if accepted and you need housing, you would need to look elsewhere…that would be our case.

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My daughter just got off waitlist yesterday (freshman) Sat July 10th for Environmental Science and Policy-She was going to go to UH at Manoa but accepted LB offer today-She had a 4.2 GPA from Mercy High SChool Burlingame-LB was her first choice!!! Good luck everyone!

My daughter got an email yesterday saying her Financial Aid Package has been accepted for CSULB. We looked online for her status at under applicant self service and it said she was now provisionally accepted and would receive an email. We are hoping to get it today so she can start making the necessary arrangements to cancel everything from CSUN and get enrolled at Long Beach. She is pre-Communications and will need a dorm. She is willing to take whatever classes they have left at this point to get her foot in the door. The main concern is she will need a dorm as we are from Northern Cal.

Son also admitted off waitlist yesterday. Undecided, 3.9 GPA. Declining if there’s no housing.

We are from Redwood City-we are in the same boat-My daughter is on the wait list for Dorms-I am thinking of renting an apartment for her-
-Dorm housing is not guaranteed for Freshman-Maybe we can make a connection-It is all happening so fast-My daughter graduated from Mercy High in Burlingame and we were all set to send her to University of Hawaii at Manoa-and now this-
Thank you

Congrats! Dorm might be tough as there is a waitlist.

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Thank you to everyone on this form for making me feel like I wasn’t the only one waiting ;-;

I just got accepted to LB yesterday for Fashion Design and have been waiting for decades. LB is my first choice and glad to attend soon :-))). Good luck to everyone and hopefully see you soon!!


I have a 4.1 gpa, and know a lot of friends that had around 3.8-4.2 gpa and get waitlisted as well. All of them got accepted on the same day as I did, so I think it’s all about waiting now for everyone else. Good luck once again!!

I believe Cal State Long Beach has a weird system where they multiply individual courses (English, Math, and Science) all together, and then total up the scores and multiply it by your gpa. (I didn’t do the best in math because I took AP Calc in junior year and it definitely messed up my grades.) I think the waitlist and a lot of their decision depends on these classes, because I know a lot of people from my school with a lower gpa got accepted before I did. It also depends on the amount of seats there are since I chose a really specific degree, apart from something like business.

Prior to going test blind due to Covid, all the Cal states (exception Cal Poly SLO) used an eligibility index calculation and ranked students based on their EI. The EI was based on CSU GPA and SAT/ACT scores so they have just replaced the SAT/ACT scores (English/Math) with HS English and Math course grades. Not a weird system since they had no choice in going test blind. The CSU application does not have essays or EC’s to submit and with no test scores considered, they need to come up with a reasonable way to rank and accept students.

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Everything is happening so fast that our current plan is to have her start online and hope a dorm will open for spring if not sooner. At this point we are in a panic because her high school office is closed this entire week and we can’t get her transcripts until Monday. I can’t get in touch with anyone from CSULB to see if they will grant her an extension. She got an automated email yesterday saying if she didn’t turn them in today she would be dropped which doesn’t seem right with the short notice. I keep hoping it will all work out but it is scary not being able to take to anyone.

I can understand your feelings! So crazy, but usually things will work out-I have better luck send IM/email to school-I know it is overwhelming-My daughter is number 78 on waitlist for dorms// Doubtful she will get off, but she secured a really nice room in a house near school with other students!Good luck!!!

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Hello, I’m still on the waitlist for CSULB and have not heard a single word from them. I’ve also seen many others already get accepted from the waitlist. So my question is, is there any hope for me to still get accepted from the waitlist, or should I move on and stick with my original school. I’d also like to add that I am a Kinesiology major, which is why I would like to attend CSULB.