CU Boulder Early Action 2025

Hey everyone! I could not find a thread for CU Boulder for this year, so figured it would be best to start one! I am applied for EA. Did not submit scores. Bunch of extracurriculars and leadership roles. Truly love this school and would love to get some advice about admissions and updates about when everything is going to be released!


Thanks for kicking it off! My daughter applied EA as well, so we’ll be watching the thread. Boulder is such an awesome town. Best of luck to everyone!

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S applied EA as well. We toured the 2019 summer and it is an amazing school and city. Best of luck to everyone.

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S applied EA as well. We haven’t been able to visit but I’ve heard that the campus is amazing. Good luck everyone!

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Thanks for starting this I was literally just looking for one last night. My daughter applied EA as well. We haven’t visited yet but hope to soon! Good luck everyone.

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I attended the Mountains are Calling webinar a few weeks back, CU Boulder rep said they were up 20% in applications this year. Good for them, but stressed me out!

When are decisions coming out?

Does anyone know when EA decisions are coming out?

Info on the website says Feb 1st. Hopefully it will be before then.

I looked at last year’s acceptance thread and decisions started coming out on 1/10/20. Hopefully, they’ll come out around the same time this year! :crossed_fingers:


January seems like such a long time away…


EA here as well! Boulder is beautiful!!! We are OOS from VA.

Waiting to hear as well.

Did you notice if they did in-state first or by school or just random on 1/10/2020?

I found the 1/10 date on the class of 2024 Early Action thread. As I recall, there were lots of people saying that they received a decision on 1/10, both in-state and OOS.

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Oh wow! That is sooner than I expected, but I am excited! Any chance that they would not release all at the same time?

If they went out 1/10 (which was a Friday) last year then it’s highly likely they’ll come out 1/8.

Or it could be the 15th. I just checked and my older OOS d got accepted 1/16/18.

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I would imagine it would be on the later side vs earlier since test optional for the first time this year and they said they are up 20% in applications

Yeah, you’re probably right. It must be unchartered territory to make deisions without scores.